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Second Helpings Volunteers

April 2010 - Hope Flammer

Hope Flammer is the Second Helpings volunteer who deserves April's honor as Volunteer-of-the-Month.


Hope drives weekly to Goldberg's on Roswell Road to collect their excess bagels, and then stops off at Lucy's Market for their fruit and vegetables which are still fresh and nutritious for the women and kids at the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children, some miles away.


She also serves to be "on-call" for two other donors, Endive and Pace Academy when the need arises for pickups.


Hope is the founder of and operates her own business ( and still finds time for her work to help feed the hungry in our community. She does this Mitzvah because "It's fun". She is one of our many, many volunteers who love seeing the happy faces of the recipients at the agencies when they deliver the food.


Do you want to join us? Write to and Cathy Sinsheimer will be in touch.



March 2010 - Jennifer Powers

Jennifer Powers recalls the first time she brought food to the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children (ADSWC). She calls the experience of seeing homeless women and children a “reality check” – one that brought tears to her eyes. “It made me really appreciate what I have,” she says.

The 39-year-old Atlanta native signed up to be a Second Helpings driver last year – shortly after joining Temple Sinai, the congregation where her husband Jared grew up. Despite juggling a busy life with two children (Jake, age 6, and Eli, 16 months) and a full-time job managing treasury operations for UPS, Jennifer handles two important once-a-month routes. She dashes out on her lunch hour to drive food from Trader Joe’s in Buckhead to Mary Hall Freedom House, and she delivers produce on Saturdays from Lucy’s Market to ADSWC. The weekend route is very special to her, because she frequently brings along her older son. “Jake and I talk about what we’re doing,” she explains. “I believe strongly in leaving the world a better place, and I want to teach that to him.”

Adding further to her busy schedule, Jennifer is currently serving as liaison from Second Helpings to the Temple Sinai committee promoting the Atlanta Hunger Walk/Run on March 14. She looks forward to participating with her entire family. “I would love to see a great showing from Temple Sinai. We need to get more people involved and show we’re out there in the community.”


February 2010 - Penny Gilchrist

Our Volunteer of the Month, Penny Gilchrist, can't get enough of a good thing, as she anxiously looks for opportunities to fill in for volunteers who may not be able to drive that day in addition to her regular routes.


Penny began 1-1/2 years ago collecting food from Trader Joe's in Sandy Springs, and now drives weekly routes covering Longhorn Steaks and Pizza Hut in Marietta. This is nourishing, protein-rich food which would otherwise go to waste.


Penny is just one of our many treasured volunteers who feel the need to supply as much food as is available to the hungry in our community


Thank you, Penny! You're our hero for this month.


January 2010 -Dan Wolbe & David Greenwald

Dan Wolbe and David Greenwald are partners in supplying North Fulton Community Charities in Roswell with almost 200 pounds of fresh baked good from Publix every Friday.


Dan began about a year ago, and David joined him about 6 months ago. They drive on alternate weeks, and spell each other when one has to beg off. They form a perfect team of the kind so prevalent among our Second Helpings volunteer corps which enables our drivers to work at their convenience.


If you have not thought about joining our Second Helpings project because of time constraints, consider to writing to to see how you would fit into one of our volunteer teams.


But now, congratulations and many thanks to Dan and David, our heroes of the month.   


December 2009 - Joy Greenberg, Beth Sugarman, Diana Silverman

Dec2009groupJoy Greenberg, Amanda McElroy (Bakery Manager at Fresh Market), Beth Sugarman and Diana Silverman (pictured Left to Right)

This trimverate of volunteers has been working as a team since almost the inception of Second Helpings.  Over the years, they have collected food from Whole Foods, Prime, and Goldberg's, among others, as well as from their current donor, Fresh Market Wieuca. They deliver the food collected tot he Atlanta Women's Shelter and the Atlanta Union Mission.

The whole job takes about an hour every three weeks for each of our honorees, but their long-range devotion to what they have done over the years, and their persistence in wanting to help 'heal the world' in a positive way make the our Volunteers of the Month.

Novemer, 2009 - Klaus & Cervasio families

klauscervasioOur honorees are Richard & Barbara Klaus (L) and Pat & Frank Cervasio (R) who have been active with Second Helpings for over a year. 

Pat & Frank began driving to collect heavy poundage from Trader Joe's in Buckhead, and spread the word to their friends, telling them of the satisfaction and fun they derive from bringing much needed food to the Mary Hall Freedom House, which helps homeless mothers and their kids.

When the need arose for drivers to deliver bagels, breads and deli items from Goldberg's, Richard & Barbara jumped in to fill the void and make their weekly trips their Mitzvah.




October, 2009 - Walt Myers

Walt Myers is a semi-retired neuro-surgeon who considers, like so many of us working with Second Helpings, that the joy of giving of your time and effort for the benefit of the needy is a blessing.


For much over a year, Walt has worked Wednesday mornings, sometimes alone, and sometimes with another volunteer, to deliver hundreds of  pounds of food each trip from Trader Joe's Sandy Springs to The Community Action Center. The recipients there await his arrival anxiously, and several hours later this bounty of fresh, nutritious food has been distributed to scores of hungry people.


Not only that, but on Tuesdays he stops off at Longhorn Steaks for the same purpose. Walt is a dedicated driver for our Temple Sinai project and we proudly name him our Volunteer-of-the-Month.


Many thanks, Walt !


September, 2009 - Dorothy Lobel

It didn’t take Sinai newcomer, Dorothy Lobel, very long to know that Second Helpings would be the place to hang her hat as a volunteer driver. Dorothy moved to Atlanta from Phoenix, Arizona, two years ago, joined Temple Sinai and immediately was drawn to the mission of Second Helpings. “There’s a tremendous need out there,” she says.  “There are so many people who have no food to eat. I feel that I’m helping out. Spiritually, this is part of being Jewish.”

Dorothy teams up weekly with co-driver, Lenny Greenstein, picking up a large donation of food – often meat, vegetables and fruit – from Trader Joe’s in Buckhead and delivering it to Community Action Center. Beyond food, however, Dorothy brightens the lives of clients and volunteers at CAC by frequently showing up with flowers from Trader Joe’s. The store often throws away flowers, she explains, so she’s thrilled to bring them along with the food. As Lenny says, “She’s made friends with all the ladies at CAC. They call her their “flower lady!”

When she’s not driving for Second Helpings, Dorothy stays busy as a tutor. Her expertise is teaching English as a second language. In fact, Dorothy’s language skills come in handy when she’s handing out flowers to CAC’s Hispanic clients.

Now how do you say “wonderful flower lady” in Spanish?


August, 2009 -Jody Greenberg

“The perfect match” is how Jody Greenberg terms her recent job as co-chair of Second Helpings. A dedicated and conscientious worker, she recently retired after busy two years in the position. Jody’s involvement with Second Helpings began when she volunteered to be a driver. She discovered she had a knack for finding potential donors, and was soon approached by the other chairs to take over donor solicitation, as well as to serve as agency liaison.

During Jody’s tenure, she effected a huge increase in the donor base, built close relationships with our receiving agencies and helped oversee the general expansion of the entire operation. “Over these two years, everything has increased – the amount of food, the donors and the participants. And we are visible in the community,” Jody says with pride.

And even though she has stepped down from her leadership position, Jody continues her weekly commitment of picking up food and delivering it to one of the agencies.

Second Helpings and all the clients at our receiving agencies are grateful for Jody’s past and continued service to the community.


June/July 2009-The Wolff Family

The Stacy and Kevin Wolff family represents yet another venture in volunteering.  Stacy, who is a former co-chair of Second Helpings, has found very willing helpers in her driving for the project, as has Kevin on his route.

Their three young daughers, Emeline, Lexie and Natalie, are enthusiastic co-workers.  They, like many of children of our volunteers, find that being in a position to help people in need is an uplifting and fun experience.  "It makes us feel proud to give food to people that don't have any.  We hate to see people go hungry."

Stacy & Kevin have separate weekly rounds, collecting surplus food from Bagelicious and Longhorn Steaks in Marietta and from Fresh Market in Buckhead.  They deliver their pickups to two agencies where the clients anxiously await their deliveries and show their appreciate for this mitzvah.

This charitable family is our Volunteer Family of the Month and we congratulate them!


May, 2009 -The St. Amand Family

The St. Amands - Mike and Karen, and their children, Jacob, Emma and Daniel, ages 13, 11 and 7, -- work as a family in their Mitzvah project of distributing surplus food to our agencies.  On Sunday mornings, at least 2 or 3 members of the clan arrive at Trader Joe's in Roswell to load some 700-800 pounds of nourishing food into their van and deliver it to the North Fulton Community Charities in Roswell.  When the center's doors open each Monday, over 100 families benefit from their work.

Mike and Karen are teaching their children the value of charity.  Quoting Emma: "I like helping people out, and it's fun!"

The St. Amands are our deserving heroes this month.

April, 2009 David Schoenberg & Margie Stern

These two volunteers have been selected as our honorees this month not only because they have been giving their time to Second Helpings almost since the inception of our project 4 1/2 years ago, but also because, in addition to their regular routes, they have stepped in as replacements where necessary over the years in a reliable and dedicated way.

Margie and David are just two of our many heroes who give their time and effort to the service of others.

March, 2009 Linda & Edward Sands

sandEdLinda & Edward Sands have been working with Second Helpings for over 2 years.  In addition to their regular route at Alon's every Wednesday, they are always anxious to jump in at other locations when a scheduled driver may not be able to drive that day.  They have worked with Trader Joe's Roswell, Trader Joe's Sandy Springs, Perselpolis, Cafe Sunflower, Epstein School, as well as on many other occasions at Alon's when needed.

They agree with what so many of our other volunteers feel - that performing this Mitzvah is one of their most favorite things to do.


February, 2009 - Kathy Scheinman & Becky Starr

scheinman.starrKathy and Becky have alternated weekly at Fresh Market Dunwoody for over 2 years, carrying fresh breads, cakes and pastries from there to the Communicty Action Center in Sandy Springs.

These two food rescuers have created a smooth-running team for the benefit of the needy, and have over the whole time been self-sufficient in running a reliagble operation.

Second Helpings is thankful for and proud of these two heroes.


January, 2009 - Guenther Hecht

GuentherHechtIn Judaism, we are commanded to 'fed the hungry' and Guenther took that commandement to heart by starting, and still mentoring, Second Helpings.  Guenther convinced Temple Sinai that we needed a Social Action program that would aid the less fortunate.

Because of the diligence of this man, Temple Sinai has over 67 congregants who pick up and deliver food to shelters and community centers in North Atlanta as volunteers in our Second Helpings program of food rescue and delivery. 

The amount of effort Guenther has put into this project is immeasurable and it's time we recognized his efforts and nominated him for a Nobel Prize in Foor.



December, 2008 - Sid Gottler

SidGottlerSid has been collecting food for over 3 1/2 years.  During that time, he has worked with Fresh Market, Holy Innocents' School, Trader Joe's and Ruth's Chris Steak House.

There has been no more loyal and dependable Second Helpings volunteer than Sid - and always with that gleaming smile!


November, 2008 - Katherine Fein

Katherine has been working several days a week picking up from Alon's, Flavor, Checquers, and Trader Joe's! Most of it goes to the Community Action Center in Sandy Springs where the recipients anxiously await her deliveries.  Whenever there is a need for volunteers, Katherine finds it to be important and satisfying enough to jump in and be involved.


October, 2008 - Ray & Phyllis Wilenzick

WilenzickRay and Phyllis have been volunteer drivers for Second Helpings for over 3 years.  Each Wednesday, they collect bagels from Brooklyn Bagel Co. and deliver them to Mary Hall Freedom House where they are welcomed with gratitude and a lot of "God Bless You's".  They pick up an average of 4 bags, containing about 80 bagels each.  On that basis, having worked 52 Wednesdays over 3 years, they have rescued 49,920 bagels from landfills to benefit people in need!


September, 2008 - David Chemerow

Not only does he drive to distribute nutritious food for the needy, but he has developed and operates a state of the art computer system for Second Helpings.  This system enables us to keep track of the poundage picked up and delivered from our food donors to the seven agencies for the underserved which we help support.  They system is inavluable in helping us to manage our logistics and to maintain contact with our volunteers!



January, 2008 - Lenny Greenstein

Lenny Greenstein has been active with the project since Day One. He works regularly 3 days a week, and delivers food from 3-4 different food donors to the Community Action Center in Sandy Springs and to the Women's and Childrn's Center in downtown Atlanta. He NEVER misses a beat ! Of the 420,000 pounds handled by our project so far, we bet he's handled at least 100,000 !