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2015-16 SCRUFY Executive Board Elections
For information about our 2015-16 Executive Board candidates, click on their name.
Dropdown positions are indicated by ( ).

Aaron Earl
Hailey Kessler (PVP)

Programming VP

Audrey Cunninghis
Hannah Feldman (RCVP)

Social Action VP

Maxxe Albert-Deitch
Madison Cunninghis
Anna Scheer

Religious & Cultural VP

Ava Earl
Molly Fortnow

Membership VP

Nettie Leepson
Kara Litwin (CVP)

Communications VP

Abbie Frankel
Daisy Leepson


is for 9th-12th grade students; eighth graders will join SCRUFY in January. Sinai Teen programs are generally held once a month.  Past programs have included the Amazing Race, Blue Jean Shabbat, lock-in, tie-dye and pizza making, and pool party. As well, once a month a teen night is held in the teen room on Wednesday evenings. Teen programs and activities are organized and promoted by an elected SCRUFY Board.

Upcoming SCRUFY Dates

April 18
May 30

SCRUFY Board Members 2014-2015
Adam Segal
Programming Vice President
Hannah Feldman
Social Action Vice President
Rachel Morochnik
Religious & Cultural Vice President
Aaron Earl
Membership Vice President
Jordy Frankel
Communications Vice President
Abbie Frankel

9th-12th grade students are encouraged to become active in NFTY, the youth arm of the Reform Movement. $30 yearly dues are necessary to participate in these NFTY weekend conventions. Dues support NFTY scholarships, transportation, and excellent programming for our teens.
NFTY conventions or kallot, provide a magical Shabbat experience filled with worship, learning, laughter, and socializing. NFTY weekend events are always centered around a theme such as Israel, Torah, famous Jews and social action; the possibilities are endless!
Registration is required. Please register here.

NFTY Regional Events
April 24-26
Spring Kallah – Temple Beth El/Charlotte, NC
May 21-25
Camp Jenny at Camp Coleman