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STEP (Sinai Teen Education Program) 2014/15

8th through 10th Graders will meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30 until noon for 16 weeks, divided into four quarters. STEP provides teens the opportunity to delve into relevant and engaging topics and to explore their Judaism with friends and fellow Sinai teens.  This program is staffed by our rabbis as well as other innovative teachers.

NEW THIS YEAR: Special STEP Sundays! This year, we will have a teen and parent session with our scholar in residence, Rabbi David Wolpe.
On Sunday morning, October 26, please join us for a special and engaging STEP session with our renowned guest.
Additionally, we would like to conclude our year together with a STEP End of the Year Celebration on Sunday, May 3.


To register/pay online click here. If registering online, payment is due in full at time of registration.

To pay in two installments, please print this registration form and mail the forms and payment to Sami Tanenbaum.

The registration deadline is Friday, August 1.

STEP (8-10th grade) Elective Descriptions 2014/15

Quarter 1

Jewish Philanthropy:  A Workshop in Giving

Social Action

9th and 10th graders only

Do you like to help people? Have you ever wanted to put your skills and talents to work to make the world a better place?  Do you like to help people?  This class is a great way to learn about the local Jewish community and gain an inside view of how non-profits work.  Registering for this class requires your full participation in all of the classes (1st and 2nd quarter) and a commitment to raise $100.  Past participants from the past 5 years have found this class to be both powerful and meaningful. Led by: Ina Enoch

Israel through your Eyes

Connecting to Israel

Do you have an opinion about Israel and feel you are not being heard? Do you wonder why people around you say and think the things they do about Israel, both good and bad? Join us in exploring the complexity and wonder that is the State of Israel through the eyes of our Israeli teen peers, and learn how to define and defend your views on the issues of today. Led by: Simone Kallett and Kris Bonnejonne

Become a Jewish rock star (aka Songleading 2.0)

Creative – Music

This hands-on workshop will help to improve your songleading skills and help prepare you to lead both services and song sessions.  Topics will include teaching a song, engaging an audience, repertoire building and more.  Guitar skills are a prerequisite - this is not a beginning guitar class.  Led by:  Adam Griff

Learning to be a Leader


Are you a leader in your school, on your sports team, in your youth group, or in your community?  Do you desire to become one?  Throughout this class, we will engage in fun exercises to figure out your own leadership styles and learn important leadership skills that will help you in high school and beyond.  And, since our tradition has much to teach us, we will also explore some Jewish models of leadership, found in both the Torah and Jewish history.  Through games, role playing and discussions, we’ll learn a lot and have lots of fun! Led by: Rabbi Perry

Manicures and Midrash

Creative- Art

Manicures and Midrash combines Jewish education and creative nail art to make Torah more meaningful to you!  Each week students will be introduced to a Midrash passage about the upcoming week’s Torah portion.  There will be class discussion on the weekly Torah portion and we will then focus on the symbols that arise in the specific Torah portions. We will discuss how to design and translate those symbols into our "Midrash Manicures."  After we have discussed and sketched out a few designs, students will begin to paint their own Midrash Manicures.  Hopefully your nail art will inspire conversations about your Torah studies, and introduce you to a new way of bringing fashion and fun into Jewish learning! Led by: Janet Lefkowitz

Does God Prefer Free Verse Or Rhyme?

Creative- Writing

For centuries, people of many faiths have used poetry as an expression of their relationship to God.  Together, we will be examining a number of poems from Judaism and other faiths to see the ways poetry can be used in expressing that relationship.  We will work toward composing our own devotional poetry. Led by: Drew Cohen