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Home Learning Religious School (K-6)
Religious School

School Philosophy

Our school's philosophy is to awaken our children's hearts to their Jewish heritage and religion.

We want our children to know who they are as Jews, what their rituals and traditions are, their beliefs and prayers, and their language and history. But, above all, we want them to like themselves as Jews and lay the foundation for a lifetime of Jewish learning.

We want them to feel connected to four thousand years of triumph and adversity, as well as unparalleled achievement and contribution to the world.

We want to capture our children's hearts so they are filled with love and pride for the religion, which sets forth the highest moral principles and standards which have made us as a people a "light unto the world."


School Goals

The school's main goal is twofold:


  1. To teach and educate our children about their heritage and identity, and create a supportive environment in which they can positively associate with their Jewish heritage.


  2. To educate and enrich parents through joint workshops with their children and educational material distributed to them. In so doing, parents can develop tools of their own to handle their children's growing spiritual needs.

    We believe it is absolutely crucial that all learning continue at home. Bridging these two worlds is critical to the success of our program.


    Special Learning Needs

    Our religious school tries to make every accommodation for our students with special needs.  We have specialists that work with our teachers and parents so that the individual needs of the student do not interfere with his or her learning.