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Atidaynu (Future Leaders)
"Our Future"

Strong Non-Profit organizations are built on the strength of the volunteers of their community. Temple Sinai is no exception! We are strong in so many areas due to the commitment and love that our members feel toward our congregation.

The Atidaynu program was developed several years ago with the mission of identifying future leaders within our congregation, and taking them through a journey of learning the various functions and specific culture of Temple Sinai. Class participants have an opportunity to meet and bond with many other members of Temple Sinai that they may have never met prior to the program. They also gain knowledge of the history of our Synagogue, examine how our Board of Trustees functions, become familiar with the many committees, and ultimately have a chance to experience a leadership role within the congregation.

Based on the success of our program, congregations from around the United States have begun modeling similar programs to build their future leadership, as well.

Atidaynu classes commence every other year. Please contact the Temple Sinai office at  404-252-3073  for more information.