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The D'var Sinai is our full-color glossy monthly newsletter designed to keep members informed of worship services, upcoming events, weekly Torah portions, educational offerings and other relevant announcements. The newsletter also includes regular columns from the clergy, professional staff and president. Contributions to various Temple Sinai funds, new members, member simchas and member condolences are also reported in each issue.

All material submitted for consideration must be received no later than the 25th of each month. For example, January 25th would be the dealdine for the March issue. The D'var Sinai is received in congregants' homes during the last week of the preceeding month.

Submit articles to:

E-mail: communications@templesinaiatlanta.org (E-mail is preferred)

Advertising information: The D'var Sinai has a circulation of over 1600 households and is published 11 times per year (June/July is a combined issue). Ads are available in 1/4 page (5”h x 3.75”w), Column (10”h x 3.5”w) and ½ Page (5”h x 7.5”w). The Back Cover ½ Page is also available. All ads must be submitted in final version, preferably .jpg or .pdf format, on the first of the month prior to the issues publication. Our Advertising Rates offer 3 month, 6 month and 11 months options. Please contact Kathy Powell before submitting an ad to confirm space availability.

If you have any questions related to submitting articles or submitting advertising, please contact Kathy Powell at 404-252-3073, or via email at communications@templesinaiatlanta.org

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