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As Passover approaches, count on Temple Sinai's website as a go to resource for new Passover ideas, prayer refreshers, and ritual reminders to help create a meaningful Passover experience for you and your family. Have specific questions that need answering? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Passover Hints for 2016:

• Review your Haggadah and make your Passover Seder a meaningful experience for everyone.
• Practice the Four Questions with your children before Passover begins. Need a refresher? Check out the Temple Sinai Passover page for a recording of the Four Questions.
• Know your guests. Have age appropriate learning and engagement activities for all ages.
• Use any ritual items that your children have made (this year or 25 years ago!).
• Prepare your wine glasses, plates and linens early.
• Passover begins on Shabbat: Don't forget to add 'Shabbat' to Yom Tov prayers.
• Be sure to light a Yahrzeit candle before the holiday candles.


Ritual Check list for Setting your Passover Table

• Invest in one that works for your family. Make sure to have enough copies for everyone. Be sure to review your Haggadah a few days before the beginning of Passover

Seder Plate:
Zro’ah (Shank bone) symbolizes the lamb that was sacrificed in ancient days
Beitzah (Roasted Egg) represents the Passover offering of ancient days as well as the wholeness and continuing cycle of life
Maror (Bitter herbs, horseradish or romaine lettuce) reminds us of the bitter lives of the Hebrew slaves
Charoset (the mixture of apples, nuts, sweet wine, cinnamon and sugar in the Ashkenazic fashion, or dates, nuts and sweet wine in the Sephardic tradition), reminds us of the bricks and mortar made by the Hebrew slaves
Karpas (Greens) symbolizes the springtime of the year when Passover takes place

Three Matzot:
Three Matzot; covered and usually on a separate plate. Your Afikomen will come from these pieces of matzah.

Other Items:
• Holiday Candles
• Kipot
• Cup of Elijah: Filled with wine
• Miriam’s Cup: Filled with water
• Afikomen: something to hide the afikomen in and prizes for children who find it
• Pillows on chairs: for anyone who wants to fully relax
• Plague Bag: items to symbolize the plagues. A fun addition for all ages.
• Pitcher of water for hand washing
• Salt water

Helpful hint: If hosting a large group, put mini plates/bowls around the seder table of saltwater, haroset, bitter herbs, parsely and matzah.

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