Israel Trip December 2016 - Home Sweet Home

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A final reflection from our group co-chairs, Robin and Adam Mayer

As we sit on the plane flying back to Atlanta reflecting on the past ten days, we cannot help but smile: Temple Sinai, lifelong friends (both new and old), quality family time, witnessing 5 Sinai B’nai Mitzvahs on New Year’s Eve in Jerusalem, the rich history, vibrant colors, and happiness and security we found in our homeland, and more memories and experiences than we can begin to blog about rush through our minds making us feel very fortunate and grateful for this experience. When will we ever be in Israel again for all 8 nights of Hannukah, Christmas and New Year’s?!


Israel Trip December 2016 - Day Eleven

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Enjoying our final day in Israel

Today was our last day in Israel, a fact that was not lost on any of us from the moment we gathered for breakfast this morning. The conversation in small groups centered around the questions, “How can this be the end of the trip? Didn’t we just leave Atlanta yesterday?”

We began our day with a briefing on the Middle East from our Tour Guide, Ronny Nenner. Ronny has become a part of the family over this trip. We have very much appreciated his anecdotes, his sense of humor, his wit and his knowledge of the subject matter. He has a way about him that was quite endearing upon our first meeting and continued through today.


Israel Trip December 2016 - Day Ten

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Never Forget!

The posting today comes from Zoe Van De Grift (who just became a Bat Mitzvah yesterday!).

Today in Jerusalem we had a very informational and important day. First we visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum. We saw many pictures, videos, exhibits, and artwork that gave me and everybody in our group a better insight into what it was like to be in the Holocaust. Although we saw so many different pieces of information, we will never be able to fully imagine what it was like to live in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. The best thing that we can do is to remember and pass on to the future generations what happened to so many innocent people.


Israel Trip December 2016 - Day Nine

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A Day Filled with Celebrations!

We began our Shabbat by making our way to the Kotel, or the Western (or Wailing) Wall. Widely touted as the most sacred landmark to the Jewish people, the retaining wall of the Second Temple is also the spot where people put folded-up pieces of paper with prayer written upon them into the cracks between the stones. Many in the group found this to be another spiritually moving moment in our trip, as the Wall is one of the more visible landmarks in Israel. I would venture to say that this visit was among the most anticipated by our travelers.


Israel Trip December 2016 - Day Eight

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We "dig" Israel!

What an amazing day we had today! We spent some time at an Archaeological Dig, where the majority of our group got down and dirty with our history. In fact, we were excavating a cave dating to the days of Judah Maccabee…and the Hanukkah story! Our amazing guide at this site helped us to understand the dig and what we accomplished today.

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