Shabbat to Shabbat: Stomp Out Hunger

Written by // Rabbi Elana E. Perry Categories D'var Torah

In roughly two weeks’ time, tens of thousands of Atlantans will join together for an extraordinary event. It’s not a concert – though it DOES include entertainment. It’s not a sporting event – though it DOES involve an element of competition. It’s not a political rally – though it IS about effecting change. It’s the Hunger Walk, and it happens to be one of my favorite annual events!


Shabbat to Shabbat: Moving Beyond Limitations

Written by // Beth Schafer Categories D'var Torah

Last week, for Jewish Disability Awareness Month, we were blessed with a visit and performance by Full Radius Dance, a troupe of mixed dancers both in and out of wheelchairs. We were mesmerized by the beauty of the dancers and their magnificent performance on our bima. As I was reviewing my introduction of them with their director, he pointed out that I had referred to the disabled dancers as “wheelchair bound.” He cautioned me that they do not like to be considered “bound” but rather just as someone in a wheelchair. I started thinking about my misconception. Do I feel bound by my own limitations?


Shabbat to Shabbat: Inspirational Wheelchair-Bound Dancers and More for NJAAM

Written by // Rabbi Bradley G. Levenberg Categories D'var Torah

It’s not every Shabbat that features a collection of wheelchair-bound dancers inspiring us with a performance and a sermon. But that is exactly what we can expect this upcoming Shabbat where we are privileged to welcome artists from Full Radius to our bima!



Shabbat to Shabbat: Angels

Written by // Rabbi Bradley G. Levenberg Categories D'var Torah

It was pouring rain. Not the kind of rain that people in Seattle experience with their light-mist and not the kind of rain that causes camp directors to consider an indoor activity. No, this was pouring rain, bouncing off the streets and moving sideways and making visibility next to nil. And as the parent drove along the winding stretch of Riverside Drive to take her son to meet with me for Bar Mitzvah tutoring, she feared that…well, she feared the worst.


Shabbat to Shabbat: Be Flexible as a Reed

Written by // Rabbi Ron M. Segal Categories D'var Torah

“A person should always be soft as a reed and not hard as a cedar.”

“What happens to a reed?  The winds come and blow through it and it bends and goes with them.  When the winds cease, the reed still stands in its place. This is why one makes a pen to write the Torah out of reed. The cedar, however, does not stay fast in its place, for as soon as a southern wind blows, it will uproot it and turn it on its head.  And what becomes of the cedar? Woodworkers chop it up to make houses, and the rest gets thrown on the flames. This is why it is said, better to be soft as a reed than hard as a cedar.”  (Avot d’Rabbi Natan)

Flexibility – one of the undeniable lessons that can be derived from this midrash was certainly on display this past weekend at Temple Sinai. The inclement weather over Shabbat necessitated an adjustment to our Shabbat plans which adversely impacted countless individuals.

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